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Resources for Responsible Managers of Australian Financial Services Licencees and Australian Credit Licencees.

About Us

Responsible Managers Online is a website run by Holley Nethercote Pty Ltd (ACN 068 367 046) “Holley Nethercote“.

Holley Nethercote trades as Holley Nethercote Lawyers and trades as Holley Nethercote Compliance.  Any legal services are provided by Holley Nethercote Lawyers (liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation).  All compliance service are provided by Holley Nethercote Compliance.  Services include HN Training, HN Licensing, HN Consulting and HN Documents.

Holley Nethercote provides legal, training and compliance services to businesses and government regulators, particularly in the financial services sector.

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Our story:

Holley Nethercote was founded in 1995 by Grant Holley and Tim Nethercote.

Grant (a barrister at the time) and Tim (a solicitor) often found themselves in the court room with their corporate clients.  During that time they said to each other a number of times: “our client could have avoided this situation if it had known how to do the right thing in the first place.”

So, they established a law firm and training business to keep clients out of court. That continues to be their core purpose.  Holley Nethercote assist corporations, regulators and other financial services institutions.

Now, Holley Nethercote is one of Australia’s leading financial services and commercial “preventative law” firms.  It is also a leading provider of legal corporate training and compliance services for Australian Financial Services and Australian Credit licensees.  See our expert staff here.